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Madagascar is a country in the continent of Africa, the currency of this country is the Malagasy Franc, you can see a list of all the states in Madagascar. by clicking on each item, you can see the cities related to View it, for example, if you click on Vatovavy Fitovinany, a list of cities will open for you, according to the latest survey, Madagascar has 22 states.

states of Madagascar in alphabetical order

  1. Alaotra Mangoro
  2. Amoron'i Mania
  3. Analamanga
  4. Analanjirofo
  5. Androy
  6. Anosy
  7. Atsimo-Andrefana
  8. Atsimo-Atsinanana
  9. Atsinanana
  10. Betsiboka
  11. Boeny
  12. Bongolava
  13. Diana
  14. Ihorombe
  15. Itasy
  16. Melaky
  17. Menabe
  18. Sava
  19. Sofia, Madagascar
  20. Upper Matsiatra
  21. Vakinankaratra
  22. Vatovavy Fitovinany

Madagascar flag


Explore the Wonders of Madagascar: A Guide to the Island Nation

Madagascar is a unique and fascinating country located off the southeastern coast of Africa. Known for its diverse wildlife, lush rainforests, and stunning beaches, Madagascar offers visitors a truly one-of-a-kind travel experience. Here are some of the top reasons to add Madagascar to your travel bucket list.

Nature and Wildlife

Madagascar is home to an incredible array of plant and animal species found nowhere else in the world. The island's many national parks and nature reserves offer opportunities to see lemurs, chameleons, and other endemic species up close. The rainforests of Andasibe-Mantadia National Park are home to the iconic indri lemur, while the Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve is a unique landscape of razor-sharp limestone formations. The island's marine ecosystems are equally impressive, with coral reefs, whale sharks, and sea turtles attracting divers and snorkelers from around the world.

Culture and History

Madagascar has a rich cultural heritage shaped by centuries of influence from African, Asian, and European cultures. Visitors can explore the country's history through its many museums and historic sites, such as the Rova of Antananarivo, a royal palace and UNESCO World Heritage Site. The island's unique language and customs, such as the vibrant music and dance of the hira gasy tradition, offer a glimpse into the local way of life.

Gastronomy and Cuisine

Madagascar's cuisine is a blend of African, Indian, and French influences, with an emphasis on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The island's many street markets and restaurants offer a variety of dishes, from the famous zebu steak to the spicy rice and vegetable dish known as ravitoto. Visitors can also sample the island's many tropical fruits, such as lychees and mangoes, and indulge in locally made rum and other spirits.

Tourism and Activities

Madagascar is a destination for those seeking adventure and outdoor activities. In addition to exploring the country's many national parks and reserves, visitors can go on guided hikes, take boat tours along the coast, or simply relax on the island's many stunning beaches. The vibrant capital city of Antananarivo offers a bustling urban experience, with markets, museums, and nightlife. For those looking for a more off-the-beaten-path experience, the island's many remote villages and small towns offer a glimpse into traditional Malagasy life.

In conclusion, Madagascar is a destination unlike any other, offering visitors a chance to explore unique ecosystems, rich cultural heritage, and adventurous activities. Whether you're interested in spotting lemurs in the rainforest, exploring the island's history and culture, or simply relaxing on a tropical beach, Madagascar has something for everyone.

Information of Madagascar

Number of states Number of cities Currency
22 123 Malagasy Franc