Lisbon state: cities list & information

Lisbon is one of the states/provinces of Portugal. Lisbon state has 98 cities. You can see below like Vimeiro then click on each city of Lisbon below to see the list of ads related to that city.

  1. A dos Cunhados
  2. Abrigada
  3. Alcabideche
  4. Alcoentre
  5. Alenquer, Portugal
  6. Alfragide
  7. Alges
  8. Algueirao
  9. Alhandra, Portugal
  10. Almargem
  11. Alvalade
  12. Amadora
  13. Apelacao
  14. Arranho
  15. Arruda dos Vinhos
  16. Aveiras de Cima
  17. Azambuja
  18. Azenhas do Mar
  19. Barcarena, Portugal
  20. Beato Antonio
  21. Belas
  22. Benfica
  23. Bobadela
  24. Bucelas
  25. Cabanas de Torres
  26. Cacem
  27. Cadafais
  28. Cadaval
  29. Camarate
  30. Campelos
  31. Canecas
  32. Carcavelos
  33. Carnaxide
  34. Carregado
  35. Cascais
  36. Castanheira do Ribatejo
  37. Caxias, Portugal
  38. Charneca
  39. Colares
  40. Ericeira
  41. Estoril
  42. Famoes
  43. Fontanelas
  44. Linda-a-Velha
  45. Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
  46. Loures
  47. Lourinha
  48. Mafra, Portugal
  49. Malveira
  50. Massama
  51. Meca
  52. Mem Martins
  53. Milharado
  54. Moita dos Ferreiros
  55. Monte Estoril
  56. Moscavide e Portela
  57. Odivelas
  58. Oeiras, Portugal
  59. Olivais
  60. Olival Basto
  61. Ota, Portugal
  62. Paco de Arcos
  63. Parede
  64. Pereiro da Palhacana
  65. Pero Pinheiro
  66. Pontinha
  67. Porto Salvo
  68. Povoa de Santa Iria
  69. Povoa de Santo Adriao
  70. Prior Velho
  71. Queijas
  72. Queluz
  73. Ramada
  74. Rio de Mouro
  75. Sacavem
  76. Santa Iria da Azoia
  77. Santo Antao do Tojal
  78. Santo Isidoro
  79. Santos-o-Velho
  80. Sao Bartolomeu, Lisbon
  81. Sao Domingos de Rana
  82. Sao Joao da Talha
  83. Sao Joao das Lampas
  84. Sao Joao dos Montes
  85. Sao Pedro da Cadeira
  86. Silveira
  87. Sintra
  88. Sobral de Monte Agraco
  89. Sobralinho
  90. Terrugem
  91. Torres Vedras
  92. Unhos
  93. Venda do Pinheiro
  94. Ventosa, Portugal
  95. Vialonga
  96. Vila Franca de Xira
  97. Vila Verde, Lisbon
  98. Vimeiro


The Lisbon Region: Exploring the Best of Portugal As Portugal's capital city, Lisbon is a wonderfully vibrant and historic destination. The Lisbon Region, however, encompasses much more than just the city itself. From charming fishing villages to stunning beaches and lush landscapes, the Lisbon Region has something to offer for everyone. Discovering Lisbon: A Culture and History Lover's Paradise With its cobbled streets, magnificent architecture, and rich cultural heritage, Lisbon should not be missed. Spend your days wandering through the Alfama District, where you'll find cobbled alleyways, ancient churches, and picturesque terraces. Or, visit Belem, a historic neighborhood known for its iconic Jeronimos Monastery and the famous Belem Tower. And let's not forget about the food. Lisbon has a thriving food scene, where you can indulge in delicious pastries such as pastel de nata, and enjoy fresh seafood in local seafood restaurants. Exploring the Lisbon Region's Best Beaches The Lisbon Region also boasts some of Portugal's most stunning beaches. The Cascais Coastline, for example, is home to several picturesque beaches, perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and surfing. Praia do Guincho is a popular choice among surfers, and its wild oceanfront makes it a stunning backdrop for photos. Just a short drive from Cascais, you'll find the charming fishing village of Ericeira, known for its beautiful beaches, quaint streets, and delicious seafood. Natural Beauty and Outdoor Adventures in the Lisbon Region For nature lovers, the Lisbon Region offers plenty of incredible sights. Sintra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must-visit destination, with its rolling hills, forests, and stunning palaces. Hiking trails abound in the area, with the most famous being the Rota Vicentina, a 350km walking route that offers breathtaking coastal views. In Conclusion: The Lisbon Region is a Gem Worth Exploring Whether you're a culture lover, a beachgoer, or an outdoor adventurer, the Lisbon Region has plenty to offer. From the iconic streets of Lisbon to the stunning beaches of Cascais, and the natural beauty of Sintra, the region is a true treasure trove for visitors. Whatever your interests, the Lisbon Region is certainly worth exploring.