Ascension state: cities list & information

Ascension is one of the states/provinces of Saint Helena. Ascension state has 1 cities. You can see below like Georgetown, Ascension, Saint Helena then click on each city of Ascension below to see the list of ads related to that city.

  1. Georgetown, Ascension, Saint Helena

Discovering the Beauty of Ascension Region in Saint Helena

Off the coast of West Africa lies the isolated island of Saint Helena, one of the world's most remote inhabited places. The island is known for its rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and unique biodiversity. Among the many fascinating regions in Saint Helena is the Ascension region, which boasts countless natural marvels worth exploring. Here’s a closer look at what makes Ascension region so special:

Volcanic Landscape

Ascension Island is a volcanic island, which means that its landscape is rugged and dynamic. The rolling hills and lava flows that make up the island’s landscape are unlike any other terrain you will see. At the top of Green Mountain, the highest peak on the island, you can expect breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and coastline.

Wildlife and Marine Life

Ascension Island is also home to a variety of wildlife and marine life. The island's population of green turtles attracts visitors from all over the world. The island is also home to a large colony of red-footed boobies, so if you are into birdwatching, be sure to pick up a pair of binoculars before you go. The shallow waters around the island are excellent for snorkeling and diving, and you can immerse yourself in a vibrant and diverse underwater world.

History and Culture

The history of Ascension Island is intrinsically linked to its location in one of the most important shipping lanes in the world. The island served as a vital stopover point for ships traveling from Europe to the Americas and back. During World War II, the island was a strategic base for the Allies, and many remnants of the conflict remain visible today. Saint Helena is also the final resting place of Napoleon Bonaparte, and visitors can explore his former residence, Longwood House.

Adventure Activities

Ascension Island is an outdoor adventurer's paradise. There are ample opportunities to hike, rock climb, and mountain bike on the island. Fishing, kayaking, and surfing are also popular activities. With its minimal light pollution, the island is the perfect place to stargaze, and visitors can enjoy the beauty of the night sky in a way that is not possible in more urban areas.


Ascension Island is a unique and fascinating region in Saint Helena that is worth exploring. With its incredible landscapes, diverse wildlife, rich history, and adventurous activities, it is sure to leave an impression on any traveler. Plan your visit now and discover the beauty and magic of Ascension Island for yourself.