Uzbekistan: regions list & information about UZ

Uzbekistan is a country in the continent of Asia, the currency of this country is the Som, you can see a list of all the regions in Uzbekistan. by clicking on each item, you can see the cities related to View it, for example, if you click on Xorazm, a list of cities will open for you, according to the latest survey, Uzbekistan has 15 regions.

regions of Uzbekistan in alphabetical order

  1. Andijon
  2. Bukhara
  3. Eskiarab
  4. Fergana
  5. Jizzax
  6. Karakalpakstan
  7. Namangan
  8. Navoiy
  9. Qashqadaryo
  10. Samarqand
  11. Sirdaryo Region
  12. Surxondaryo
  13. Tashkent
  14. Toshkent
  15. Xorazm

Uzbekistan flag


Discover the Rich Culture and History of Uzbekistan

Located in Central Asia, Uzbekistan is a country with a rich cultural and historical heritage. From ancient cities and monuments to stunning landscapes, Uzbekistan is a destination that should be on every traveler's list. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider visiting Uzbekistan.

Historic Cities and Monuments

Uzbekistan is home to several historic cities and monuments that showcase the country's rich history and architecture. The city of Samarkand, for example, is home to the Registan, a complex of three stunning madrasahs (Islamic schools) that date back to the 15th and 17th centuries. The city of Bukhara, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, is known for its well-preserved old town and dozens of mosques, madrasahs, and other ancient monuments. The city of Khiva, located on the ancient Silk Road, is also a must-visit destination for its well-preserved mud-walled old town.

Nature and Landscapes

Uzbekistan is also home to stunning natural landscapes that are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. The Nuratau Mountains, for example, offer hiking trails and stunning views of the surrounding countryside. The Kyzylkum Desert, one of the largest deserts in Asia, is also a popular destination for travelers who want to experience the stark beauty of the desert. Visitors can also explore the country's many national parks, such as the Gissar Range National Park and the Zaamin National Park, which offer a variety of wildlife and landscapes.

Delicious Food and Cuisine

Uzbekistan is known for its delicious food and unique cuisine. The country's national dish is plov, a hearty rice pilaf that is typically made with lamb, onions, and carrots. Other popular dishes include shashlik (grilled meat skewers), lagman (a noodle soup), and somsas (savory pastries filled with meat or vegetables). Visitors can also sample the country's traditional bread, known as non, which is baked in clay ovens and served with every meal.


Uzbekistan is a country that is rich in culture, history, and natural beauty. From its stunning monuments and historic cities to its beautiful landscapes and delicious cuisine, Uzbekistan has something for every type of traveler. If you are looking for a unique travel experience that combines history, culture, and adventure, then Uzbekistan is definitely worth considering as your next destination.

Information of Uzbekistan

Number of regions Number of cities Currency
15 200 Som