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Taiwan is a country in the continent of Asia, the currency of this country is the Dollar, you can see a list of all the states in Taiwan. by clicking on each item, you can see the cities related to View it, for example, if you click on Takao, a list of cities will open for you, according to the latest survey, Taiwan has 4 states.

states of Taiwan in alphabetical order

  1. Fukien
  2. Taipei
  3. Taiwan
  4. Takao

Taiwan flag


Introduction to Taiwan

Taiwan is a sovereign state in East Asia, located off the southeastern coast of China. The island is known for its stunning natural landscapes, vibrant culture, and bustling cities. Taiwan is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world.

Geography and Climate

Taiwan is a mountainous island with a diverse range of ecosystems, including tropical forests, rugged coastlines, and hot springs. The island has a humid subtropical climate, with warm temperatures throughout the year. Visitors can explore Taiwan's natural beauty by hiking through its national parks, soaking in its hot springs, or taking a scenic drive along its stunning coastline.

Culture and Traditions

Taiwanese culture is a unique blend of Chinese, Japanese, and indigenous traditions. The island is home to several historic sites, including the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, the National Palace Museum, and the Taipei 101 skyscraper. Visitors can also experience traditional Taiwanese cuisine, watch street performances, or attend cultural festivals.

Tourism and Economy

Tourism is a major industry in Taiwan, with visitors coming to explore its natural beauty, vibrant culture, and modern cities. The island's economy is also supported by high-tech industries, manufacturing, and agriculture. Taiwan is known for its high-quality electronics, bicycles, and agricultural products, which are exported all over the world.


Taiwan is a diverse and dynamic country with a rich cultural heritage, stunning natural beauty, and a thriving economy. Visitors can explore its mountainous landscapes, historic sites, and bustling cities, as well as experience its unique culture and traditions. Taiwan's economy is supported by tourism, high-tech industries, manufacturing, and agriculture, making it a fascinating and dynamic place to visit and do business.

Information of Taiwan

Number of states Number of cities Currency
4 37 Dollar