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Philippines is a country in the continent of Asia, the currency of this country is the Peso, you can see a list of all the states in Philippines. by clicking on each item, you can see the cities related to View it, for example, if you click on Zamboanga Peninsula, a list of cities will open for you, according to the latest survey, Philippines has 18 states.

states of Philippines in alphabetical order

  1. Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao
  2. Bicol
  3. Cagayan Valley
  4. Calabarzon
  5. Caraga
  6. Central Luzon
  7. Central Visayas
  8. Cordillera, Philippines
  9. Davao
  10. Eastern Visayas
  11. Ilocos
  12. Libertad
  13. Metro Manila
  14. Mimaropa
  15. Northern Mindanao
  16. Soccsksargen
  17. Western Visayas
  18. Zamboanga Peninsula

Philippines flag


Explore the Philippines: A Country of Beautiful Islands and Rich Culture

The Philippines is a country located in Southeast Asia, consisting of over 7,000 islands. It is known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and friendly people. In this article, we will explore some of the key highlights of this diverse and fascinating country.

The Culture of the Philippines

The Philippines has a rich and diverse cultural heritage, shaped by its history of colonization and trade. The country has been influenced by a variety of cultures, including Chinese, Spanish, and American.

One of the most popular cultural attractions in the Philippines is the traditional dance of the Tinikling. This dance involves two people holding bamboo poles and tapping them together while dancers step in and out of the poles, creating a rhythmic beat. Visitors can witness this dance and other traditional performances at cultural shows held throughout the country.

The Beaches of the Philippines

The Philippines is known for its beautiful beaches, with crystal-clear waters and soft white sands. Some of the most popular beaches include Boracay, Palawan, and Siargao Island.

Boracay is known for its vibrant nightlife and a wide range of water activities, including snorkeling and scuba diving. Palawan is home to stunning limestone cliffs, crystal-clear lagoons, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. Siargao Island is a surfer's paradise, known for its world-class surf spots and laid-back atmosphere.

The Food of the Philippines

The cuisine of the Philippines is a fusion of Chinese, Spanish, and Malay influences. Some of the most popular dishes include adobo, a savory stew made with meat, soy sauce, and vinegar, and sinigang, a sour soup made with tamarind and vegetables.

Visitors can also indulge in the street food culture of the Philippines, with vendors selling everything from grilled meats and seafood to sweet treats like halo-halo, a dessert made with shaved ice, sweet beans, and fruit.

The Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills are a unique geological formation located on the island of Bohol. The hills are made up of over 1,200 cone-shaped mounds, which turn brown during the dry season, giving them the appearance of chocolate hills.

Visitors can climb to the top of the hills and take in stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The hills are also home to a variety of wildlife, including the tarsier, one of the world's smallest primates.

The Tubbataha Reef

The Tubbataha Reef is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Sulu Sea. It is known for its stunning coral reefs, diverse marine life, and crystal-clear waters.

Visitors can go scuba diving or snorkeling to explore the vibrant underwater world of the reef. The Tubbataha Reef is home to over 600 species of fish and 360 species of coral, making it one of the world's most biodiverse marine habitats.


The Philippines is a country of beautiful islands, rich culture, and friendly people. From the stunning beaches and unique geological formations to the vibrant street food and traditional dances, the Philippines has something to offer for every traveler.

Information of Philippines

Number of states Number of cities Currency
18 4186 Peso