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Nauru is a country in the continent of Oceania, the currency of this country is the Australian Dollars, you can see a list of all the states in Nauru. by clicking on each item, you can see the cities related to View it, for example, if you click on Yaren, a list of cities will open for you, according to the latest survey, Nauru has 10 states.

states of Nauru in alphabetical order

  1. Aiwo
  2. Anabar
  3. Anibare
  4. Baiti
  5. Boe
  6. Denigomodu
  7. Ijuw
  8. Meneng
  9. Uaboe
  10. Yaren

Nauru flag


Introduction to Nauru

Nauru is a small island nation located in the Pacific Ocean, northeast of Australia. It is the third smallest country in the world in terms of land area, but has a unique culture and history. Nauru was once a prosperous phosphate mining center, but today its economy relies on international aid and the sale of fishing rights.

Geography and Climate

Nauru is a small island with a tropical climate. The island is located in the Micronesian region of the Pacific Ocean and is surrounded by a coral reef. Nauru's landscape is dominated by the remains of phosphate mining, which has left behind large pits and a rocky terrain. The island has a warm and humid climate year-round, with frequent rainfall and occasional tropical cyclones.

Culture and Traditions

Nauru has a rich cultural heritage that is influenced by its history as a British colony, as well as its Micronesian roots. The island has its own language, Nauruan, and is known for its traditional dance, music, and crafts. The island is also home to many important historic sites, including the remains of Japanese prison camps from World War II and the Nauru Phosphate Corporation, which was once the country's main industry.

Tourism and Economy

Tourism is a growing industry in Nauru, with visitors coming to explore its unique culture and history, as well as its natural beauty. The island is home to several stunning beaches and diving sites, as well as opportunities to learn about its history and cultural traditions. However, the economy of Nauru relies primarily on international aid and the sale of fishing rights, as the phosphate reserves have been largely depleted.


Nauru is a small but unique island nation with a rich culture and history. Visitors can explore its traditional music, dance, and crafts, as well as learn about its role in World War II and the history of its phosphate mining industry. While tourism is a growing industry in Nauru, the economy of the country relies primarily on international aid and fishing rights. Despite its challenges, Nauru is a fascinating destination for travelers interested in exploring a lesser-known part of the world.

Information of Nauru

Number of states Number of cities Currency
10 11 Australian Dollars